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photographer waltor obal {jedroot}


an explorer

i'm not going to lie, most of the clothes created and sold on etsy scream 'i think i know what i'm doing but really have no idea'-- not all of it but LOTS of it! that said, the styling and photography of these kids clothes are beautiful! be inspired to get outside and explore!
photos etsy seller {the measure}

plaid {pulls}

such an original way to update that dresser, buffet or night table. i would love to have a fall set of knobs and a bright, summery set to change through out the year-- hey, it's cheaper than new furniture!
photos {anthropologie.com}


{plaid} and simple

as we all know, plaid is still holding strong this fall and winter. if i see one more plaid button down with black leggings and ugg {or ugg equivalent} boots... aahhh! don't get me wrong, i sport my own tartan button down every once in a while but there are SO many more options for how and when to wear this classically-scottish print! these are a few of my favorites i have recently come across. styling tip: instead of always wearing black with your plaids, look for the dark colors in the plaid itself- hunter green, navy and/or dark gray for example- to pull into your accessories, pants or tops!


falling to {reese}s

one of my favorite designers has always been tracy reese. feminine, classic and full of quirky details, her clothes are as practical as they are statement-pieces! not to mention the styling for her runway shows is guaranteed to be brilliant! here are some of my favorites from her fall '09 show followed by her new looks for spring-summer '10...
spring-summer 2010:
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the {friendly} french

enjoy our guest post for the day from {one simple addition}. have a happy weekend!!!
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{one simple addition} guest post

Good morning! My name is Nicole "Coley" Macaluso and my blog is One Simple Addition. Living in Austin, Texas I am truly a lover of all things with style. From home decor to fashion to food and events, I'm a big believer in making all things pop using your own stylistic expression through one simplistic addition. And with one simple addition after another you'll in time have the home you always dream of. Here are a couple of my favorite simple additions. Enjoy!

One Simple Addition: Paint the inside (or outside) of your front door!

Entryways are the first thing we see when we walk in the door and they tend to be the last place we decorate. Overlooked, dimly lit and poorly organized, entryways can be the hardest place to infuse style. That is, until now. Everyone always tends to look at painting the outside of the door, but why not the inside? A colorful door will create the first impression that every homeowner wants!

One Simple Addition: Turn your closet into an office!

So many times we tend to turn our extra space into a guest bedroom and skip out on an at home office. Or we try to fit both into one room. My advice for you today is to choose a closet that is large enough for your needs. Remove the closet door. If it's a sliding door, remove it from the track. If it is on hinges, just remove the pin out of the hinges and place your desk inside. Sometimes the projects that seem to be BIG projects can be done in a matter of moments!

One Simple Addition: Buy one (or two) dining room chairs at a time!

One by one you'll find chairs that will bring personality to your dining room. By venturing out to garage sales, flee markets, or outlets one by one or two by two you'll find the perfect collage of chairs for your dining room table. Then, depending on the look you want, branch out and bring some color in with upholstery and/or paint.

One Simple Addition: Add Color!

When it all comes down to it color is the best simple addition. When decorating try to start with a neutral palette, white couches, dark mahogany furniture, and greenery and then add your punch of color! A couple of my favorites include a pashmina over your couch, fresh flowers with colorful vases, colorful lamp bases with a neutral shade (or vice versa), and finally pops of color in your throw pillows. This will help you determine your colors of choice because if you are like me you'll start out thinking you love red but end up coming to the conclusion that pink and orange is your style. Don't know your color? Take this test and find out!

Also, as we are all trying to save money these days try buying pillow inserts or lamp shades at a Target or Bed Bath and Beyond and splurge a little on the colorful part of your home accessories. Thanks for letting me be apart of your Friday and I hope you'll visit me at One Simple Addition in the future!

Credits: Image1: Domino, Metropolitan Home; Image2: Sunset Mag., Flickr; Image3: Black&Spiro; Image 4: Kitchen Aide Mixer, 20x200 Art, PreviousBlogPost, Martha Stewart, Jonathan Adler, Rubie Green, PotteryBarn, Jonathan Adler, JCrew


tighten up

in response to last week's bottoms up {bad ideas} post, i wanted to share a {good idea} with you-- feminine and subtly sexy tights! an easy way to add some flair to your black pencil skirt or wool dress, these tights take a dose of adventure to pull off-- but hey we all need some adventure in our life! just encase you have a hard time visualizing how to wear patterned tights, i added some 'perfect pairings' below to show you! styling tip: although i tend to prefer the darker colored tights to keep the look more slimming on the leg, lighter colors can still be worn all winter long!

{mona-dotted} lisa

most {smart} artist would not dare touch one of the classics, but uk based artist graphic-nothing has managed to transform this iconic painting into a game of twister look-a-like! their original take on pixelated art is modern and classic all in one-- just my style!



nothing says femininity like a beautifully tied bow! whether it's on the back of a low-cut dress, on the toe of your satin-stiltetto or even on top of a gift box, a perfectly-tied bow will instantly soften anything! this classically-girlie detail has received a tough makeover to fit in with the rocker and eighties trends we see this fall. worn with a gray t-shirt and jeans or with a black silk cocktail dress, these accessories can be worn with just about anything and will bring your {i wear this all the time and am getting sick of it} outfit to life once again!