{feet} of GOLD

with warmer weather around the corner for us northerners, I'm on the hunt for summer sandals! i love the contrast metallic leather and/or metallic hardware add to classic-camel leather footwear. with a bright pink pedi, i will be good to go!


french fleas

spring is finally in the air which means i'm ready to hit some flea markets!  none has ever or will ever compare to les puces (the fleas), paris' largest flea market-- so so worth the trip!   i could have easily filled one three entire trucks with treasures from our day.   in fact, i'm still drooling over the chevron cane-back & red-piped upholstered chairs, they just don't make luggage big enough!  and this map from ohhappyday was a life-saver! 
images- photos(personal), map


inspired by...green!

feeling inspired by all the green from celebrations this past weekend!  i am loving the pops of yellow, leopard print and graphic black/white paired with shades of kelly green.  oh and the ten ombre dining chairs...love! 


poster play

came across these RukaRuka posters last summer in london and can't seem to get them out of my head!  sounds like it's time to buy one three! 


waiting on spring

i'm brushing off the cobwebs and starting up again!  sometimes life just gets too busy and before you know it...seven months pass by!  so please join me as i restart my weekly posts & updates.  wouldn't these latte bowls make for a perfect spring update in your kitchen cabinets?!  
images anthro


knobby knobs

i'm back stateside which means no decent macaroons but an internet connection!  i came across this pic {from emily henderson} and loved the personalized-door knob touch.  having one of these ikea units myself, i am now on the hunt for the perfect set of plated knobs! 
knobs 1,2,4,6,7-emtek 3-anthro 5-lookintheattic


when in {france}

i guess paris is not such a bad place to have no internet connection!  so until i have internet again next week, i will try and imitate these pics as much as i can! 



what could sometimes be classified as a glorified bra, the crop top has made a comeback!  before you {understandably} role your eyes at the possibility of wearing this look, here are a few surprisingly easy-to-pull-off/wearable options.   layer under a chambray button-down or bold printed cardigan, wear with a high waisted skirt-- no mid-drift showing here, or my fav, wear as a bathing suit cover up.  these mini-tops can be perfect to throw over your bikini!